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The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim

Big City Entertainment Presents

Who is Duke Denim?  That is a question many people have asked over the years.  He is many things and one thing all at the same time.  He’s hard-nosed yet compassionate.  His eyes are intense yet they see things clearly.  His hands are like rocks yet they comfort.  For him, sometimes law and justice are two different things.  His mind swirls in the past yet he can see to the future.  One thing for sure.  While he lives in Big City…he is Big City!

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The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim:

 Muttin But The Best

Duke Denim has the scent and won’t stray too far from the trail to find the truth.

There’s a four-legged fortune running loose in Big City and a pack of pooch poachers are on the prowl to fetch the prize.  The streets are filled with rabid rapacious rascals with fangs bared and sharpened claws ready to ensnare.  From cage rattlin’ to zoo battlin’ to seaside hagglin’, danger is unleashed as lies start unravelin’.


Phony puppy love, a bitter litter, and more money than a Dalmatian has spots.  Will Duke solve the case or is he just chasing his tail?  He may be dog tired but there’s no time to paws for the cause.  There’s nuttin’ some won’t do when they want Muttin’ But The Best!

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